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It is increasingly popular to build your own computer. In most cases, it saves money, and it guarantees you get what you want. It also assures you avoid proprietary designs many companies use to keep you coming to them for new parts. Best of all, having built the system yourself, you become very familiar with that system and with computers in general.
We can help you to build up your own server as:
LINUX Server
Linux server is suitable for web server, DNS server, e-mail server, file and print server.. etc. Linux has proved better stability than Microsoft Windows Server. You don' t need to pay any license fee on the Linux and other open source applications, so your total cost of ownership is minimum. Data Genius provides Linux server for small and medium business that can deploy Linux solutions within a budget limit.
Windows Server
The Microsoft® Windows Server operating systems deliver features to support reliability, availability, manageability, and scalability. Server designed for small business office (up to 50 staffs) running on Microsoft® Windows based server such as Windows Server® 2008.
Windows Based Workstation
Workstation designed for general office which running on Microsoft® Windows based operating system.

The server is built by high quality hardware components. Before shipping to our customers, we have 48 hours burn-in testing, thus to maximize the machine stability and overall performance.
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